Is Counselling For Me?

When thinking about having counselling, people often wonder…

  • Are my problems important enough to see a counsellor?
  • Do other people need counselling more than me?
  • Will I be wasting the counsellor’s time?
  • Will the counsellor be too busy to see me?
  • Will the counsellor think I am boring?
  • What if I get too upset to speak?
  • What if I’m not very good at talking?

You are not alone

Many people have these questions.  Counselling is there for everyone.  If there’s something bothering you and you don’t know how to resolve it yourself, counselling can help.

I had counselling  and so I know how hard it can be to make that initial approach to a counsellor. However, I hope that you will find me warm and understanding when you contact me.  Questions such as

  • whether it will work
  • whether you are a lost cause
  • whether you deserve to be helped

are probably more common than you imagine. They are issues in themselves that we can work on. We can explore them together in our opening session and you can then decide whether or not you wish to continue to work with me.

Remember, I’m a trained counsellor.  Therefore it’s up to me to help you to talk and think things through.  It’s OK to cry and to be really honest about how you’re feeling.  That’s what I’m there for – to listen to whatever is going on.

What to do Next

If you would like to try counselling with me, please contact me on 07506 269 473 for more information.  We will arrange a mutually convenient first session where you will have a chance to share your concerns and we can see if counselling seems suitable.

Through this process you will begin to know whether you feel comfortable with me. You then may like to make another appointment or have time to think about it and perhaps meet other counsellors. I want you to feel that you are choosing the best person for you and respect your right to make your own decision.

Please see About Me and About Counselling for more information on my core values and the way I work.