10 Ways Counselling Can Help You

Feel safe with me

It is difficult and painful to confront problems so I will not judge you when you share them

It is difficult to trust when you have been badly hurt so I will never try to push you further than you want to go

Your concerns will be listened to because if they are important to you they are important to me

Be treated as an individual

You will be accepted as you are even if that does not match up to the way you think you should be

You will be given a chance to understand and change your life but you will not be diagnosed or told what is best for you

A Beginner’s Guide to Counselling


Nothing! This is your time and it is about you. You know your reasons for attending counselling and what you want from it. I believe it is as you meet true respect for you as an individual that healing takes place. Therefore I will not push you to meet my objectives but enable you to identify and meet your own. It may be difficult for you at first to even talk, and I understand that. Trust takes time.


Everyone has to start somewhere. At the first session I will try to help you to feel welcome and comfortable and I recognize that you may be nervous and unsure about what is expected.  Usually I send out information before the session about what to expect so that we have as much time as possible to talk about what is bothering you.  We’ll take it step by step and there will be no pressure on you to tell me anything until you’re ready.  Some people just need to talk and that’s fine. Others need more encouragement, and that’s fine too.


Please be assured that what you tell me stays between the two of us, but there are some important exceptions. As a professional counsellor I am required to have monthly supervision which means talking about my casework with a specialist counsellor to check that I am working well with my clients. I protect your identity so that the other counsellor will not know who you are. Sometimes, in very specific circumstances, confidentiality is broken. This is where there is a risk of harm to yourself or others, such as chidren; or where by law I am required to report my knowledge of illegal activity such as terrorism and money laundering.


Each session lasts for 50 minutes and the number of sessions is individual to you and your circumstances.  Please ask me for more information.


I work with my clients on a weekly basis, but am flexible according to peple’s needs. This gives you time to reflect between sessions without losing the momentum of change.


Each session costs £50. Fees may be paid by cash or bank transfer.


Whilst I understand that unexpected events occur, non-attendance at appointments affect both the counselling process and the individuals concerned. It represents a lost opportunity for me to help clients who could have used the appointment. Regretfully I will make a charge for cancelled sessions.


Sometimes counsellors and clients are not suited, perhaps because the client has specialist needs or more appropriate help is available elsewhere. In order to ensure you are looked after properly I may suggest you approach someone else, or with your permission I will contact them on your behalf.


I am a member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to their ethical framework.  If you are at all uncertain about the way we are working together, in the first instance I would appreciate you telling me of your concerns. If you feel unable to do so or we are unable to resolve the issue you may contact BACP who will assist.

BACP Accredited and Registered Counsellor