People look for counselling when they’re seeking to resolve a difficulty and are not sure what step to take next.  It can be very difficult when we’re stuck inside our own heads to see a different viewpoint to our problems.  We’re often caught out by our blind spots.  Family and friends can try to help us and tell us what we “should” do but it doesn’t feel that easy to us.  Most of us, if we could, would have resolved the problem ourselves if it were as simple as people think.

A counsellor can help us to see things differently.  By exploring various events and relationships it is possible to identify the different influences that have helped us to form our unique perspective on life.

In this video I explain how these influences work – they shape the stories that we tell ourselves about the sort of people we are.    When we’ve identified the story we can choose to tell our self something different and that often helps to resolve our difficulties.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash