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Jo Hughes - Registered and Accredited BACP Counsellor

About Jo

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Why Should I Talk to Jo?

Because being listened to by someone who is able to care - even when they are told the things we feel most ashamed of - changes us. Looking at ourselves, allowing feelings to surface and learning why they are there, enables us to understand our lives and our circumstances. We move towards greater acceptance of ourselves and others.

It is possible to overcome negative feelings and to learn to live at peace with ourselves and our loved ones. My experience has been that moving towards greater self-acceptance and self-esteem changes our lives and relationships. Feeling better about ourselves means we become more assertive and gives us a greater capacity to love others.

My desire is to help people who are hurting and to support them as they make their tentative steps towards recovery and fulfilling their potential. I have an understanding of what it is like to feel deeply worthless and to experience uncertainty and loss and I have a passion to help people find peace in their lives.

The History Bit

I have worked for a number of years as an antenatal teacher for a national charity. Listening as people make the transition to parenthood, sometimes in difficult circumstances, led to me seeking to improve my counselling skills. I have particular experience working with family and relationship difficulties, domestic abuse, depression, self-harm, anger, addictions, bereavement and self-esteem issues.

Working with parents has given me extensive experience of supporting people through major life changes, as well as helping them if they suffer traumatic births or bereavement through miscarriage, termination and stillbirth.

My credentials are as follows:

BACP Registered & Accredited Counsellor